About Us

Who we are

JJVS was founded by a group of enthusiastic individuals who, after viewing and analyzing the poor socio-economic status of tribal groups in southern Rajasthan, wanted to bring about social change in these communities. JJVS strongly believes that its efforts will uplift rural Rajasthani communities that have been neglected and denied their rightful share of societal resources for the past centuries.

Our Strategy and Approach

JJVS aims to improve the socio-economic status of local communities by recognizing the potential of both individuals and communities and empowering them to determine development issues and solutions through the utilization of their available resources. By fostering collaboration among local tribal groups and developing latent assets and resources, JJVS works with local communities toward the betterment of their livelihoods and protection and development of the environment. Focus areas include the preservation of traditional medicine, community development, education, geriatrics, sustainability, water management, agriculture, issue based programmes and women’s empowerment.

Our impact has spread over the entire Tribal Belt of Sarada, Salumber, Girwa, Jhadol and Dhariyawad Tehsil of Udaipur, India.

Mission Statement

Jagran Jan Vikas Samiti’s mission is to create an egalitarian social order where basic needs are fulfilled, economic inequalities are minimized, and where democratic decision-making provides for the common good.

Vision Statement

Jagran visualises the establishment and strengthening of a social order and system where the basic needs of all are fulfilled, economic inequalities are removed, individuals and society have access to creative thinking and democratic decision-making, social status is equal, and where power is exercised by all in a responsible manner for the common good.

This social order, based on human dignity, should emerge from the people themselves through the distribution, regeneration and development of resources that create opportunities for all.