Future Initiatives


  • Promote livelihood opportunities for Traditional Health Systems
  • Identify, document and share Traditional Medicinal knowledge.
  • Change cultural perception towards Traditional Health Care system.
  • Conserve and sustain utilization of medicinal plants as viable health care source
  • Ensure scientific validation of Traditional Health Practices and medicines.
  • Identify and create network of Gunis (Traditional Health Practitioners) and Dais (Traditional Birth Attendants)
  • Advocacy for recognition of Traditional Health Care systems at state, national and international level.
  • Create intensive immunization and vaccination programs.
  • Collaborate and partner with public health services.
  • Promote mass awareness for healthcare and available healthcare facilities.
  • Provide safe & affordable heath care services.


  • Support non-formal education centers such as NGOs and community centres
  • Promote Shikshadan and signature campaigns.
  • Provide literacy resources for children and adults.
  • Initiate a new learning approach in rural construction
  • Design course material for learning about local resources.
  • Prepare tools for understanding new techniques for housing structure
  • Initiatives for education program to promote understanding of development and their own betterment.
  • Promote learning through Self-Help Groups (SHGs)
  • Provide education in entitlements, provisions and available right deserved from the government


  • Promote traditional water management techniques.
  • Provide education in rainwater harvesting and water resource management.
  • Create awareness about water availability and demand.
  • Promote judicious use of water.
  • Control excess water exploitation and advocacy for water transfer to urban areas.
  • Support Afforestation programmes.
  • Develop safe drinking water sources.

Women’s Empowerment

  • Promote other women organizations like Mahila Samajik Vikas Manch (Women Social Welfare Forum).
  • Support SHG and Women Empowerment.
  • Develop management tools and record keeping system for SHG’s.
  • Provide special programmes addressing women’s care.
  • Build programmes for traditional birth attendants (Dais).
  • Promote women traditional health practitioners (Women Gunis).
  • Support women Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRI)’s representatives.
  • Develop a cadre of women leadership.
  • Ensures women participation in planning, implementation & management of various development programs.

Local Governance

  • Promote community organization and organizing Gram Sabhas (Village Level mass meetings of Panchayats).
  • Revive of traditional and cultural community management systems.
  • Identify and strengthen of local leadership.
  • Establish community organizations in present context.
  • Create awareness about PRIs and other local institutions.
  • Promote local leaders as representatives in PRIs and local institutions.
  • Support various capacity building programmes particularly for PRI’s representatives.
  • Support development of a mechanism for monitoring of PRIs and local institutions.
  • Support local institutions in planning, implementing and managing village development plans.
  • Support in identifying opportunities and accessing entitlements.
  • Advocate for awareness about and declaration of tribal self-governance through PESA act.
  • Advocate and lobby for policy interventions particularly for local (self) governance.
  • Build network of organizations to engage in promotion of local governance.
  • Provide support to movements on various local level issues.
  • Develop capacities to deal with existing systems and problems.
  • Promote development on the basis of learning about local resources.