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Domestic and International volunteers and interns are a valuable asset for any non-government organisation. Jagran welcomes all volunteers and interns who are professional, experienced or skilled in a variety of areas. In return, we offer accommodation, food, rural visits, education, entertainment and tourist activities for minimal daily fee. Rest assured that 100% of the volunteer fee goes directly to the organisation to ensure that your needs and resources are met throughout your experience.

Jagran is a warm and friendly working environment, open to international visitors and new ideas. It is important to approach your time at Jagran with a spirit of sharing and culture exchange. JJVS has a long history of hosting volunteers from India and abroad. We highly value our volunteers’ inputs and work and enjoy the exchange of ideas and local culture in our operational areas.We have hosted independent volunteers as well as organisations such as Hands on Health Australia, Minnesota Studies in International Development, RMIT University Melbourne, among others.

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