Issue Based Programmes


Jagran Jan Vikas Samiti has been creating community organisations on different issues related to land, water and forest for people’s livelihood. JJVS facilitate communities to organize and advocate issues before policy or decision makers by creating community leadership.

Displacement and Rehabilitation

JJVS created a community organisation named Chandreshwar Kishan Sangarsha Samiti for people displaced from their land due to construction of the MANSI- WAKAL drinking water dam project. JJVS advocated these displacement issues before the Govt. of Rajasthan to provide a rehabilitation package to 844 affected families. We have also provided support to communities when 4000 soldiers were deployed by the government to counter the protest of the local residents.

Mining and Industrial Pollution

The largest rock phosphate company, Rajasthan Sates Mines & Minerals Ltd (RSMM, Rajasthan Govt. undertaking) works in Jhamarkotra nearby Udaipur city and is affecting the entire agro – ecology and livelihood of 30 surrounding villages. The open cast mine is lifting thousands of liters of water everyday which affects the ground water level in villages. The stored water is transported away from local villages to Udaipur city as drinking water. The main source of livelihood, agriculture and animal husbandry, has been totally lost due to ground water scarcity and frequent drought in the area. This has resulted in mass migration of community members to urban or semi urban areas for employment. JJVS is making efforts through a community organisation named Jhamari Bachao Andolan to strengthen natural water resources and create new livelihood opportunities in the area. Jagran advocates people’s livelihood issues before mine administration to provide village development funds and create community resources for their livelihood sources.

Apart from mining, the rock phosphate is being used to produce single super phosphate by fertilizer industries in Umarda village (10 km far from Udaipur city). The SSP fertilizer industries release poisonous gases in the atmosphere and create both air and water pollution in the area. About 23 villages are directly affected by this pollution; the human and livestock health is highly affected by creating problems like respiration, joint pain, cough, miscarriage, skin diseases, teeth infections ,etc.  The livestock population is totally destroyed due to chronic health problems and loss of fodder which has been converted to poisonous grass not suitable for animals. JJVS is conducting a technical study on the impact of pollution on people’s livelihood. On the basis of the study, JJVS can advocate issues before govt. administration and environmental judiciary under the above community organisation.

Community rights upon natural resources

To provide community rights to access and use local natural resources such as Land, Water and Forest the public movement Jungle Jameen Jan Andolan has been created at regional level in southern Rajasthan. This movement organizes community at block, district and regional level to advocate issues and to recognize their rights to sustainable use of natural resources under different act viz.  Forest rights bill 2006, Biodiversity act 2002, etc. These acts have special provision for indigenous community to cultivate their land in forest area and collection rights of minor forest produce for their livelihood. JJVS is making efforts to create awareness among community regarding implementation of act for ownership rights through creating local level community organisation.