Women’s Empowerment

FullSizeRender (26)_Fotor.jpgIn India, two thirds of all labor is done by women, but only 10% of land is owned by women. Over half of the female population is illiterate. Maternal mortality most commonly occurs after delivery, however less that 1/3 of women receive any medical care in rural areas. Many women do not feel comfortable or are allowed to speak in the presence of men and often must but a veil to cover their face.


The women’s development program focuses on at-risk groups including female ex-convicts, widows, single mothers and children and promotes leadership among them. Encouraging their involvement in community decision-making, JJVS provides women with opportunities for participation in local governance and support groups. Additionally, efforts are made to reach the youngest generation by providing young girls with quality education and empowerment opportunities.

Women’s Empowerment Through Education

Children's WorkshopThe JJVS team believes women’s empowerment should begin with the youngest of the community. Equal educational opportunities for young girls provides them with a foundation to achieve their vocational aspirations. Through the establishment of Jagran Gurukal Public School, we can provide empowerment opportunities to thousands of young girls in years to come.

Empowering Women Through Groups

Stitching-2.JPGJJVS empowers adult women and encourages their involvement in decision-making within the community. Some specific projects implemented by JJVS resulted with the creation of women’s self-help groups. Other project interventions include Women’s Day celebrations, capacity-building for midwives, and participation in local democratic bodies (Gram Sabha, Panchayats, etc.).