Jagran has developed a social development model that enables active partnership with corporates, business houses, foreign and national donors.

Why Organization’s should work with us?

Equitable access to healthcare means where everybody has equal access to healthcare irrespective of his/her social, economic and geographic background. Serving a population of 1.3 billion, India exhibits a number of crippling disparities in healthcare. This disparity is even more apparent when it comes to rural areas. Bridging this gap in rural pockets of Rajasthan Jagran has come up with well-planned interventions for Female health, Taditional health treatment, livelihood and Women empowerment.

With a vision to reach 1lakh households (approx.5lakh people) in the next 5years, Jagran is striving to reach every tribal household of southern Rajasthan. We invite business houses and donors to partner with us to make healthcare and services accessible for every marginalized in this journey of nation building.

Meet Our Partners

hese trusts, foundations and other organisations are making important contributions to our restoration work across the world.

6 Step model of engagement