Women Empowerment


Micro-finance is a major instrument of financial Inclusion for women. Women don’t have a say in the financial decisions of the household. To promote financial Inclusion of Women, women collectives are formed. These self-help groups of women save small amounts of money on a monthly basis and lend amongst themselves on a nominal rate of interest.

Strategic Approach

Women unemployment rate in rural Rajasthan is 65.31% as compared to male unemployment rate of 21.20%. The incapacity of the rural formal credit institutions to meet the credit necessities of the poor women had compelled them to look-out for substitute strategies to deal with the problem of poverty.  In these circumstances SHG can be a viable medium for social and economic empowerment of women. Jagran had formed 200+ SHG’s and JLG’s in Sarada, Salumbar, Kurabar and Girwa block of Udaipur between 2008-2019. Apart from financial inclusion these women collectives form a platform for peer-group learning and collective action.

Impact Stories

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