Female Health


According to the Annual health survey, Rajasthan ranks very high in MMR(331) while the district of Udaipur in Rajasthan is one of the worst performing districts in MMR. Talking about menstruation and gynecological issues is taboo amongst rural women. Women are unaware of personal hygiene and nutrition requirements. As a result, the cases of nutrition deficiency, gynecological diseases, and unhygienic health practices are considerably high in Udaipur. 

Strategic Approach

Through its education camps and peer-group learning approach Jagran has been creating awareness about menstrual hygiene. Women have been treated for gynecological problems, common health ailments and iron deficiency through health camps organized by Jagran. In order to make sanitary pads accessible and affordable for rural women Jagran has been manufacturing and distributing Tarini sanitary pads.  In line with this a sanitary pad manufacturing unit has been set up in Vali village.

Women often find it difficult to dispose the sanitary pads safely. Plastic sanitary pads are not bio-degradable and often create problem for the environment, if they are not disposed safely. Jagran took note of this issue and installed 25 incinerators in community places and schools. In order to make quality health care more accessible Jagran has organized health camps and eye check up’s by partnering with Fortis and Alakh nayan. Jagran has linked migrants with government services by liasioning with Aaganwadi’s, PDS centers and MGNREGA sites.

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