Traditional System of Medicine


Healthcare is pivotal in measuring the human development of a nation. Despite best efforts of the government accessibility to a affordable healthcare remains out of reach for many in rural areas. Taking these facts into consideration Jagran promoted local health healers called Gunis.

Strategic Approach

Working for the last 36 years to revitalize traditional systems of medicine, Jagran has strived to make health services affordable for the community across Rajasthan. These traditional healers, called Gunis, have been treating common illnesses utilizing local medicinal plants for hundreds of years. Gunis possess remarkable skills in solving common rural health issues, including bone setting, skin diseases, asthma, snakebites, sciatica and chronic pains.

Jagran has undertaken several initiatives for skill development, knowledge exchange and awareness generation programs to establish traditional health system as a viable alternative. We have been training our male and female Guni’s  in aditherapy, naturopathy and manual therapies such as myotherapy, bone therapy, and other manipulation techniques to upgrade their skills

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