Impact Story of Mahak Sharma

Mahak Sharma is studying in M.Sc chemistry and lives in Badgaon, Udaipur. She met with an accident and got cuts on her right hand and one of the cuts was deep enough to tear the tendon of her right hands middle finger. She got her hand operated on and consulted a physiotherapist post-operation for muscle and tendon movement.

After taking sessions with the physiotherapist for two months, she didn’t feel improvement in her gripping strength. She came to know about Jagran Jan Vikas Samiti from one of her relatives. After visiting Jagran and discussing her problem with the doctor, she started taking treatment. On her very first visit she could feel a considerable improvement in her hand.

She was given wax therapy to help her get relief from pain. Regulated pressing of the pressure points helped to improve blood circulation so that she could write fast and easily like before. To gain complete mobility of hand she had to undergo treatment for about 4months. After 4months of treatment, she could write, drive and do everything with her right hand.