Volunteer Program


The internship program of Jagran is named LEARN (Learning exchange and research network). Jagran has hosted 700+ national and international volunteer from the year 2000.The internship programme of Jagran is tailored to the interests, time and requirement of the volunteers.

Strategic Approach

Volunteers can acquire multiple skills viz. teaching, proposal writing, health, communication, research, photography, painting, film-making, website development, farming and many more. Summer school program and Rural Immersion program are specifically designed for IIM students.

The global community health exchange program (Organized with the support HOHA) provides interns an opportunity to visit Guni ashrams and learn about the age old healing practices. The therapy modules offered are Myotherapy, Chiropractic and Naturopathy. The tour involves visiting traditional medicine facilities, medicinal forestry tour and visiting traditional healing clinics in Udaipur district.

Volunteer Testimonials

“My time at JJVS was one of the most enjoyable and satisfying experiences of my life. Getting to go to such a beautiful country like india and help those in need was a real privilege. It’s amazing that there are such good people in the world like those working at JJVS. I’m really thankful I got a chance to meet them and help them with their cause, and I look forward hopefully getting to repeat the experience in the near future.”
Bradley Douglas
Melbourne, Australia
“JJVS is doing a fantastic job of providing health care and education to the local communities. It was an absolute privilege to be able to share my skills, learn from others and to provide much needed healthcare to people in need. My time spent at JJVS helped me to grow as a practitioner and as a person. I came away with a new found confidence in my practical and communication skills, but also in my ability to care, love and serve my fellow human beings.”
Emily Ferguson
Melbourne, Australia
"During my time as a volunteer at JJVS I have been fortunate enough to treat broad scope patients from different caste, class and backgrounds. Through the many patients that JJVS treats during their camps there have been a few patients which have made an impact on my practice. One in particular was a little girl whom I have treated on 5 different occasions in the village of Vali. It was a fantastic experience to be part of such a dedicated team of professionals with genuine interest in the health and wellbeing of the individual in the areas they work "
Alexendra Curd
Myotherapist, New Zealand
"Coming to India always has its challenges especially going to a city that you have not yet been too. Myself and our team of Chiropractor’s stayed at Jagran’s office in Bedla, Udaipur. We were made to feel at home and welcome, and anything that was needed was provided to us. The staff members at Jagran were great and very accommodating; there was a set routine every day we were there. Food was amazing and always served on time and with respect. The facilities at the office met our needs and the drivers there were always ready to guide us or take us around. The health camps were organised well and allowed our team to focus on treating patients as well as communicating with patients through the translators on site.Overall it was a pleasant and comfortable experience for us and we are thankful to the team at JJVS! "
Dr. Param Singh Sethi
Chiropractor, Melbourne, Australia.

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