Impact Story of Bhagwan lal Audichya

Bhagwan lal Audichya is 62 years old and hails from Aat village near Kurabar. He was riding scooty at night when his scooty slipped and he fell down. He somehow reached home but realized that his leg had swollen and there was immense pain in his leg. Next day he went to government hospital for treatment where doctors prescribed X-ray and gave him medicines. Inspite of taking the medicines for some time, he couldn’t get relief from pain. Then he visited bone setters and spent Rs 5000 for treatment but still there was not much improvement in his condition.

After nearly a month he heard about Aaditherapy from one of his relatives and decided to give it a try. He visited a traditional healer (Guni) where he was given massage, pressure on the trigger points and bone setting. After his first visit he could feel improvement in his pain. He was advised for one more session and dietary change. After 10days he took another session and was completely relieved. The Aaditherapy session with the traditional healer was both affordable and accessible for him. He was very happy with the treatment and recommends it to his acquaintances.