Impact Story of Vardi Bai

Vardi Bai is 25 years old and resides in Todi village of Bemla panchayat.  She has two children and her husband has his own business in Bengaluru, Karnataka and visits her in every 3 months. She left school after 2nd standard but being a school dropout didn’t stop her from learning. She had been regular to sensitization sessions in maternal village as well as in Bengaluru which prepared her for menarche. When she had her first periods at the age of 15 years, she was all prepared to handle the situation. Her mother was mentally unstable, therefore she had never shared anything with her mother. Her sister-in-law asked her to avoid giving meals to her father and husband during periods as they are closely associated with a religious guru.

She has been aware of the traditions and beliefs prevalent around menstruation but those never affected her personally. She was going against the traditional practices and has been following what has been told during the medical and awareness camps conducted by JJVS. She prepares food and does household chores even during her menstruation. However convincing her husband has been little difficult, therefore he avoids being in contact with his wife and even prefer eating out when Vardi gets periods.

Though she was well informed about the benefits of using disposable sanitary napkins and disadvantages of using cloth absorbents, high cost of napkins deterred her to use them. Tarini sanitary pads facilitated a shift from cloth to disposable sanitary napkins due to convenience and low cost. Vardi has ensured all the facilities in her house with respect to hygiene and cleanliness viz. having clean toilets, availability of sufficient water and water disposal.

Vardi encourages JJVS staff to have meetings and camps in her house. She not only attends the sessions herself but even encourages young girls to be part of the sessions. A change maker could clearly be seen in her.