Impact Story of Shri Javana and Kesibai

The couple Javana and Kesibai had been doing cultivation and animal husbandry over a piece of land which was under the ownership of forest department. They submitted the claim application at the level of gram panchayat which was verified by the forest right committee. Javana had been trying to get possession over the land for a long time.

Jagran supported them by facilitating the paperwork to get possession and to submit their individual work proposal. With Jagran’s help and motivation they could get possession of .5 hectare for agriculture and livestock rearing. They got their land levelled through convergence with MGNREGA. Apart from this under Apna Khet Apna Kaam program they received an amount of Rs31720. Jagran also gave saplings for lemon, guava, pomegranate and sapota to encourage mixed cropping pattern.

Jagran constructed a polyhouse on his land where he created a nursery for vegetable plants. Before Jagran’s intervention he was practicing rain fed single cropping pattern and now with the support of Jagran he is practicing 3 crops a year and Cultivating cash crops like fruits.